June 17, 2009


For a week or two now I've had that feeling - you know that feeling? The one you get when you've forgotten something.

Remembered today what it was. And it's not the food. It's that I'm a far better editor than I am a writer.

As a writer, I get wordy. I get attached and distracted. I digress, pretty much constantly (if it helps, that happens when I talk, too.)

So I've put on my succinct and focused editor hat and just fixed yesterday's post. I'd buried the lead, wandered around a bit till I figured out what I wanted to say, and used quite a few more words than I needed. It's better now. Perfect? Not so much. But better.

Forgive me. New to the blogosphere. Still practicing. Thank heavens for the edit button on Blogger. And also that only family and a few select friends read this with anything resembling regularity.

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