August 22, 2009

The Done List: August 22

Another Done List, mostly because I am at this point far too tired to stand up and figured I could just blog instead. I'm hoping a list of accomplishments will go a long way toward improving my irritable disposition.

In the past 24 hours I have:
  • Earned a living
  • Cleaned a lovely pile of grassy dog vomit off the kitchen floor
  • Assisted old, tired, wheezy dog in quest for water, ice, and a lift up the stairs
  • Cleaned out and emptied minivan and assisted younger sister and her boyfriend in their move to DC (yay!)
  • Paid people to clean my house ... dog hair now under control for the next day or two
  • Enjoyed conversations with not one but two genuine girlfriends
  • Washed two slipcovers and super-cleaned sofa peed on by redhead during surprise nap
  • Visited elementary school to drop off vacation postcards and find out where diva and her friends are placed for school starting Monday
  • Organized $167 of school supplies into appropriate piles and placed into backpacks
  • Cleaned up playroom in preparation for double sleepover ... a task slightly more Herculean than usual because the playroom was a storehouse for the stuff owned by said little sister (yay!)
  • Successfully entertained and put to bed two-thirds more children than usual
  • Successfully organized more than 100 11- and 12-year-old boys into (I hope) evenly matched soccer teams and only pissed off two coaches in the process
  • When I figured out I did not actually have enough coaches for all seven soccer teams, I creatively put all four assistant coach volunteers into one team along with two past coaches and told them to work it out amongst themselves ... lets hope that one doesn't blow up in my face
  • Squeezed in two and a half hours of sleep - and did not throttle my lovable Aspie when he woke everyone up at 6:00 a.m. (after 10:00 p.m. bedtime) so that he could take best advantage of his sleepover
  • Seasoned critically injured cast iron pan and then restored it further with the healing properties of bacon - bad for the arteries, great for the pan
  • Made massive breakfast of said bacon, scrambled eggs, raisin toast and bananas that was, quite literally, INHALED by the five children in residence
  • Managed to sneak a piece of toast away from the ravenous hordes so I could have something to eat, too
  • Made and drank life-giving coffee
I'm now going to go dress myself - assuming I can remember how - and take all these lovely children home before hitting the grocery store, making a picnic, taking diva and others to the park for brownies meet and greet and then driving to another state to pick up lovely gift of home furnishings from an old friend. Even better, we get to enjoy some social & cooking time afterward. Yay!

Tonight? Melatonin, baby. I'm gettin' me some sleep.

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