October 28, 2009

Don't Eat the Pork

It's flu season.

Scratch that. It's swine flu season. And we got hit.

For those who've been living in a dungeon for the past six or seven months, swine flu is a virulent, highly contagious virus that has laid low entire countries and closed schools across the U.S. Or it did, back in early summer, when people were truly terrified of it. Now, everyone has it, so it's only mildly terrifying and the kids all get to go to school.

It hit my kids last week. Well, my diva and my redhead, anyway. My Aspie apparently has the constitution of a horse and has escaped the scary germs unscathed.

My diva was worst off. She had fevers of 103.5 for three straight days before they dropped. She was sick and out of school for a full week. The little guy got tamiflu from the first sign of fever, barely broke 100, and was better in four days. I love tamiflu.

This is a yucky bug, though. Exhausting. And both formerly sick kids are now totally fried. Crying at the end of the day kind of fried. Crawling into bed with their mom every night kind of fried.

And both little petri dishes decided to pass it along. Or pass something along, anyway. Not sure it's the flu, but both my new au pair and I have been sick, sick, sick. Chills, coughs, the weak and wobblies. Not fun.

What lesson can you take from this?

Don't eat the pork. It's swine flu, right? It must come from pork. Bacon. Sausage. Ham. It's like mad cow disease. Only for pigs.

What's scary is that some people believe that. Not me, though. I've got half a brain and some lovely pork chops in the fridge.

Dinner, anyone?

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