March 8, 2010

The Education of Veggie Girl

You know what the diva ate tonight? Baby portabellas sauteed in butter. Steamed green beans. Oven fries dredged in olive oil and sea salt and roasted till brown. Blueberries. A slice of Italian bread.

And fish. Ocean-friendly, U.S.-farmed tilapia, bathed in orange juice and fresh-squeezed lemons and baked until flaky.

The vegetarian experiment has officially ended. My diva saw the fish, she saw the calendar, and she said, "I think today I'm not a vegetarian."

She achieved her goal, though. My environmentally-conscious 8-year-old had committed to going veggie from Valentine's Day through March 8. And outside of one small serving of roast chicken, she did it. Along the way, she learned to enjoy soy nuts and veggie burgers, sunflower seeds and mushrooms. She tried tapenade and tabouleh and hummus. She wasn't too fond of tofu dogs, but honestly, I don't get those either. Limp, floppy little things. Not exactly appetizing.

I have a feeling my girl will wander in and out of the vegetarian lifestyle for a while. She liked it, and she liked that she was helping the world in her own little way. And she does love her veggies.

I am one proud mom.

P.S. Still no working showers. Fingers crossed that they'll show up tomorrow.


  1. OMG! (as the youngsters say) You had me at baby portabellas sauteed in butter and steamed green beans. I might add a little chopped garlic and finish with some parmesan cheese and some crusty bread and a glass of white, sorry I digress!

    My Zoe is having an internal conflict between her love of Spongebob and friends and a good seafood dinner. Thankfully, the bikini bottom crew is losing!

    John Mc.

  2. Glad I could seduce you a bit with the mushrooms and green beans, my friend! Though I worry about Zoe eating sponges and starfish for dinner ... :-P