July 13, 2010

Peanuts Happen

When I talk to my kids, I often use nicknames. There’s “sweetie” and "kiddo" and all the typical mom stuff, which I use mostly because I can’t remember their names. But they also have one nickname each that’s just for them. Almost like a name, except easier to remember.

My Aspie, he gets to be my pumpkin because he was born in October.

My diva used to be my sweet pea, until she realized she was really a princess and started behaving like one, and that’s what she’s been ever since.

And my little guy, who is much bigger than your typical nearly-five-year-old, he’s my peanut. Not because he’s little. He’s never been little, not even at birth. Nine pounds, nine ounces of baby, that one. I call him my peanut because he’s the only one of my three who got an ultrasound in utero during that phase when your soon-to-be baby still looks like a peanut.

It stuck.

Last night I was on the phone with my sister having a very deep conversation, because there’s a whole lot of deep going on. And I was eating a big bowl of ice cream, because my fella is moving to San Francisco and that means I get to eat ice cream. Suddenly I was interrupted by the pitter patter of little feet on the stairs. I jumped up to put my ice cream in the freezer before the little feet found me, because it was on the verge of melting anyway, and came back to find my little guy on the sofa.

At which point I interrupted my sister to say, “Hey, peanut. Why are you awake?” (Clearly, that was not directed toward her.)

I got a raspy croak in response, which generally means, “I have to pee, mom, but there’s zombies in the bathroom, and really I’d rather be sleeping.”

So I made my excuses to my sister, and when I apologized for the interruption she said, “That’s okay. Peanuts happen.”

Which I thought was funny.

Now you get to think so, too.


  1. I send you good thought for your whole lot of deep. Know you are in my thoughts and my prayers and that all will be well.

  2. Oh, it's generally a fun deep :-)

  3. You are entitled to LOTS and LOTS of ice cream. I wait until ZZzzzz are floating over their heads as well, to indulge. I think wine, but in practice, ice cream.

  4. Mmmmm. Wine. I wonder how it would taste on ice cream?