November 24, 2010

My Blind Side

Sorry for the long bloggy break. Lice, as it turns out, are massively time consuming. I've done approximately 67,000 loads of laundry, bought 9 new pillows and spent at least 40 hours of my spare time (yeah, right, like I have spare time) picking nits and combing insecticide onto the scalps of my children and myself. I think we won, at least I hope so. I really hope so. But to be honest, once you've had lice, you are wary to a point of paranoia seen only in victims of PTSD. Because that's exactly what you are.

And now, all of a sudden, it's Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how that happened. But today at 6:00 p.m. my ex showed up and drove my crying kids off into the sunset. Well, okay, just my diva was crying. The boys were head down over their respective DSes.

I still miss them. A lot.

I miss them because it's Thanksgiving, which is about family even more than it's about turkey. And the pre-turkey turkey fest we had last Saturday, wonderful though it was, really wasn't the same.

And I miss them because even though I took three extra days off this week, I spent so much time catching up on work and laundry and vacuuming that we didn't get one single moment of quality time. Not one. Unless nitpicking counts. (Trust me, it doesn't.)

And I miss them because this is my first big holiday without them.

Of course, Netflix picked today to send me The Blind Side. No mother who just sent her kids off to spend a major holiday without her has any business watching a film about a boy who really, truly needs a mommy.

Because, at least in my case, I think it's the mommy who really, truly needs her kids.


  1. I was wondering if you were still in the throes of lice removal. All the families I know that have gotten them have had a difficult time and by the end the mommies were about ready to be Baker Acted from the stress of it all.

    I don't celebrate Thanksgiving (or the other holidays for that matter) but I know that it is supposed to be all about families being together so it must really sting to be apart from your kiddos during Thanksgiving. Hope they are home now and driving you crazy and still lice free.


  2. Hey, you taught me a new term! I had to look up "Baker Acted." Cool!

    Kids came home and stayed lice free, and we've finally finished all that laundry. Hope you are well!


  3. Lisa-with-the-boring-name writes: I enjoy the banter with the Rosemary's almost as much as the blog posts! It is fun to have internet friends. And real friends. And The Blind Side made me cry, but so do the ASPCA commercials.

  4. Your name's not boring, Lisa! You just married out of the most interesting part ;-) Love you, chica!