May 18, 2012


My irises aren't blooming.

I have dozens upon dozens of irises in a great big patch in my front yard. I love irises, usually, though I'm not overly fond of these. They're brown, not purple.

Brown flowers. Really. I mean, who plants brown flowers?

But still. They're meant to bloom.

Not this year, though.

My little family has had a bit of a challenging year so far. My kids especially. It's a private kind of challenging, and one that demands a lot of my time. So I'm not blogging. I'm not doing much, honestly, outside of getting through each day as best I can, making the occasional grocery run, and doing everything I can to let my kids know I am absolutely, completely, 100% here for them.

Love 'em to bits.

My irises aren't blooming. I'm going to try a little TLC, and maybe move them from their shady spot into the sun. My friend Margaret tells me that irises love the sun.


  1. Best wishes for blooming irises and fewer family challenges from your old office neighbor!

  2. Thanks, John! Much, much appreciated.

  3. I have to say I had never heard of brown irises before so I had google a picture. Maybe not so pretty as the purple/yellow variety but a nice flower nontheless. Hopefully you can figure out why they aren't blooming. I'm no help, we can't grow bulbs here in Florida.

    I empathize with your family challenges. I applaud you for focusing on your kids right now. As the mother of one grown and married son, and two more kids on the assembly line I can vouch that what you put into them now, all will reap the benefits later.

    Rosemary for real

  4. My dearest friend, If I could fly out there and figure out your iris', I would. I admire and commend you for the choices that you are making to take such amazing care of your children. Remember, You are not alone. You have a great family and amazing friends that would be there for anything you asked for. So make requests! We want to contribute. Much love, and all my prayers, Lisa